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Keeping An Open Mind

One of the things I've always prided myself on is the ability to have an open mind about things. So many people pen themselves into a corner, feeling pressured into either caving to another's position or standing staunchly amidst their own. You have to have your own mind about things, about life, and in the same breath, it's important to be open to other perspectives.

What we suffer from in this world today is an overwhelming deluge of "I'm right". No one wants to admit they could be wrong about something and as a result, the rampant self-entitlement of our existence is boundless. We see it on social media, on television, in print... it's something we can't escape. But we can choose to be conscious and mindful in our words, thoughts and actions. We have to be willing to work at it and improve our situation. First, we have to acknowledge that there IS a problem.

Truth is, we can't all be right. And we can't all sit there and believe that we're not possibly wrong. We can't be sheep, blindly following the words of another. We can't shut ourselves off from facts and evidence.

We must remain open. We must.

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