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The New Decade Ahead

It's mind-boggling to realize that we are two decades into the new century already. Time truly is the most limited of resources, one that we cannot afford to let go to waste. I don't want to waste time with resolutions. It's not the things to accomplish that matters... it's the mentality. It's finding a sane, positive space that allows for the possibility of accomplishment. It's about minimizing the stressors, being in a calm space with yourself and being fulfilled with who you are.

I've lost sight of this, on so many levels. If I plan to do anything in 2020, it's taking back my power, my strength and my sanity. It is doing what is best for me and my life, consequences be damned. It is eschewing with the negative spaces and emotional leeches.

It is living life in the best way possible.

Let's go forward into a new decade with this in mind: we have free will. We are not stuck in where we are. We have choice. We can do and be better. And we are alive. Let's act like it.

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